5 Major Problems In Getting Pregnant

5 Major Problems In Getting PregnantMarriage and Parenthood are two things which are at the bottom down list of today’s men and women. Everyone is busy making careers and establishing themselves. When they finally come down to settling and preparing themselves for parenthood, some couples find that it is not as easy as it seems.

This gives rise to friction between the couples and have them playing blame game.Mentioned below are some problems which need to be properly tackled if you are unable to get pregnant.

Problems In Getting Pregnant

Irregularity In Menstruation Cycle

Menstruation Cycle or periods in simple terms maybe defined has monthly flow of blood which every lady experiences upon reaching the age of puberty.Inconsistency in the periods that is having periods before the due date,after the due date or having periods between the due date is one of the major causes of infertility.

Irregularity In Menstruation CycleThis inconsistency in the menstrual flow is usually due to progesterone & estrogen hormonal inconsistency. Result of this is that one is never sure of the days of ovulation or fertile days and conception becomes very difficult.Women suffering from this problem are usually treated with various medicines which regularize their periods.

Complications In Reproductive Organs

Inability to conceive may also be due to complications in the reproductive system of the woman like fibroids,blocked fallopian tubes,PCOS,very heavy bleeding or endometriosis, history of Urinary tract infections or disease resulting from unsafe sex.

Urinary tract infectionsAlso in case of some women the reproductive organs are damaged due to repetitive surgeries thus leading to their malfunction.So it is extremely important to get yourself thoroughly examined medically if you are facing problems in conceiving even after continuously trying.

Male Infertility

Difficulty in getting pregnant may in many cases maybe attributed to problems related to male partner. The reason for infertility is low sperm count,abnormal sperm formation or in rare cases no sperms in the semen(azoospermia).

Male InfertilityMost of the above mentioned conditions are curable through proper medications.

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Advanced Age

Modern woman now days are so busy in establishing their careers in their twenties that marrying and having a baby has taken back seat.It is often noted that the older you grow the more problems you face in getting pregnant.Lady’s with 35+ years especially face more problems,because with age the fertility declines.

Advanced AgeHowever it is not true for all cases, as their have been women who conceive very well and easily at advanced age also. This is true for males also.That is male fertility also declines after 40 years but still this happens very slowly and gradually in case of males and hence is not much noted.

Stress & Unhealthy Life Style

Unable to conceive, month after month of trying creates a tension & stress in the couples,thus reducing their chances of getting pregnant. Stress again results in irregular menstruation cycle in women and males are sometimes unable to perform during those fertile periods of the women’s cycle when conceiving a baby is highly possible.

stressLeading an unhealthy life style,that is regularly indulging in smoking, alcohol drinking, taking drugs,steroids etc. result in poor fertility of both males and females. Irregular or no exercise tends to again give rise to various diseases like raised blood pressure level, high cholesterol level, diabetes etc,which in turn leads to lowering of fertility and inability to conceive.

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