5 Important Tips For Job Search

Finding a job can be a very tedious work. Especially, when you are considering to change the organization, it can be even more painful to find the right company and the right job profile. Recent recession and the shrinking job market have left many fresh graduates jobless. The old tricks of getting a job are not that effective any more. One needs to be really extra-ordinary to get the desired job profiles.

In case that doesn’t happen, then the only option is to start from some other designation and reach the desired profile through the course of time.

As the job market is ever changing, the job seekers should adapt themselves to these changes. They need to develop new strategies to market themselves or follow the job leads. Disappointment won’t land you anywhere. Persuasion is the key. Track as much jobs as possible and follow them.

Keeping the new job scenario in mind, there are certain strategies that can be tried to secure a job. There will be times when the strategies will fail. But the important thing is to keep trying despite all odds.

Improvise with the situation

After leaving college, we have all things decided in our minds regarding our future life. Suddenly, things don’t work the way we expected. Our game plan fails. This is the time when we need to improvise with the situation. The first priority is to grab a job for survival. You might not get the designation you wanted, but then you can show you talent in that post and can later change the department. Being flexible will help you staying ahead of your colleagues.

In the modern work atmosphere, the employer wants employees who are capable of multitasking. So, even from an unwanted post, you will learn something that will make your resume look interesting.

Search for job through all mediums

Being restricted to one medium of job search will narrow down your options of jobs. Daily newspapers and employment newspapers are popular for job search among all the sections of society. That means if a job is published in a newspaper, majority of people will apply for it and eventually, the competition will be fierce.

Other than newspapers, you can surf through internet. There are many website that catalog the jobs in the market, depending on one’s area of interest. Get comfortable with these sites and check them regularly. You can subscribe the newsletters of job websites so that you don’t have to check them every day. The updates and new jobs will be mailed to you. Make sure that you create a neat and attractive profile on these websites. Some websites publish jobs regarding to one particular field. They will show you more filtered and quality results.

Interpersonal relations

Interpersonal relations can never be outdated as a mode of job search. Stay in contact with people of your field and socialize in circles that can profit you. There are active groups of people who follow their interests collectively. For people who are looking for creative jobs, they can mix with groups like photography, films, theater, writers and so on. These groups are generally open to new people as it is the purpose of forming the group. Apart from that, there are alumni get together, industry fair, contests by several brands, customer parties, discussion and many more where you can make some contacts.

And, don’t feel shy in asking help from family, relatives, friends, neighbors and sibling. Your informal networking starts from them only.

Social networking

Social networking is different from simply surfing net. As social networking has become a major means of managing contacts now a day, it makes it imperative for you to be thoroughly acquainted with it. Even if you already know social networking, then you must learn to tap its potential in your favor.

Make your profiles in most of the famous social networking sites. Sites like Facebook and MySpace can be used to showcase your work. Many photographers make a community of their work and invite people to appreciate their work. Other than that, you can join the online communities of major brands and companies that you want to apply in. There you can interact with some of the employees and get your queries cleared by them. Online communities will keep you updated with the contests and events organized by the company. LinkedIn is the social networking site especially for career and business networking. Try making it useful for you.

Blogging is another way to reveal your talent. You can write, upload videos and pictures according to your specialization in the subject. That blog can be mentioned on your profiles at social networking sites and your resume as well. A basic knowledge of social media can make you go one step ahead of your competitors.

Cold calling

You can approach companies and clients through cold calling as well. In cold calling, the company or the client is not expecting a telephone call from you or don’t have a prior appointment with you.

However, cold calling can also result into a negative impression if you don’t go about it carefully. Job seekers underestimate cold calling because it doesn’t generate them any benefit most of the times. It is crucial to select the right company for cold calling. Research all the companies you want to apply in and the figure out their needs. Try to know their expectations from the employees.

Find out the benefit that you can provide them through your service, which they currently need. One can also gather some information from the customer care services of some organizations. Rather than calling the HR straight away, it’s better to get in contact with someone at the lower level.

One must note that the benefit earned from cold-calling is not instant. It might take quite a long time for the company to notice you and call you back. Hence, carry on your job search instead of waiting for the reply of the cold call.

Finally, always remember to update your resume and work on the skills to write a good resume. You will make your first impression through the resume. Therefore, it shouldn’t be taken casually.


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