5 Home Remedies for Swelling

Remedies for SwellingYou might be aware of the term, ‘swelling’. You can get it anytime and anywhere. If you are playing soccer with your friends and you fall down then you might get a swelling. If you fell down from the stairs then you might get a swelling. It certainly looks hideous but it also hurts a lot. Swelling can be caused by various reasons.

You can get swelling anywhere on your body. It could be your legs, ankle or any body part. The reasons could be allergic reactions, insect bites, a sports injury or poor blood circulation. There are people who get swollen feet after drinking too much. If you fall, you may get a swelling on your legs or your bottom. Swelling hurts way too much but the good thing is that you can easily treat it at home.

Stop going to doctor for every little thing. You can use home remedies to treat swelling because they actually work. You do not have to go out of your home to get these home remedies because they are very much available in your kitchen or refrigerator. Reducing swelling is very easy if you follow these remedies. The good part is that you will not have to shell extra money for this. So, take a look at the remedies and use it when you get a swelling.

List of Home Remedies for Swelling

Ice Packs

This is the first thing on the list because it works wonders. If you take up Physical education as a course, you will get to know about the different methods of treating swellings. The most common method is RICE. R is for rest, I is for ice, C is for compress and E is for elevation. If you follow these 4 steps then your swelling will vanish.

Ice packs for Swelling

Place an ice pack around the area which is swollen. Next you would need to wrap a bandage around the area. Once you wrap it, the swelling will get compressed. Compression reduces pain and ice gives relief. Elevate the affected area and rest for a while. Apply the ice pack again and keep doing it till the pain subsides.


Now ginger is a wonder home remedy. Ginger is used to treat most of the ailments in this world. If you have cough, just have a piece of ginger and you will be singing the next day. Ginger is also used to reduce swelling. How? You need to have ginger juice by using ginger powder or fresh ginger in little bit of water. This will help in giving relief from the excruciating pain. You can also take ginger capsules to get rid of the pain. Take this twice in a day and you will see the difference yourself. Ginger helps in thinning your blood and it prevents the blood from pooling in the affected area.


Pineapple is probably the tastiest fruit on Planet Earth. If you are fond of pineapples then you should know this that it treats swellings. If you have swelling on your body then intake lots of pineapples for a week till the swelling goes down.

pineapple for Swelling

This will surely help because pineapple contains bromelain. This compound prevents pooling of blood in the swollen part of your body. Have lots of pineapples because it will not hurt you!


In India, turmeric is the most popular home remedy which is used to treat swellings. If you have a swelling then just have milk with a pinch of turmeric as the pain will subside. Turmeric is considered as a natural herb and it helps in reducing the swelling. You can also take turmeric supplements to reduce the swelling caused by arthritis problems. This has worked for many people and will surely work for you too!

Aloe Vera Gel

You should apply aloe vera gel in order to get rid of swelling. Aloe vera gel gives a cooling effect and helps in reducing the swelling on your body. You should use pure aloe vera gel in order to see visible results.

Aloe Vera Juice

Apply it on the affected area and let it dry for a while. Once it has dried up, just apply it again. You should do this every single day to get rid of the pain caused by a swelling. Give it a try!

Just drink lots of water and follow these above mentioned home remedies. These home remedies are very helpful and you will be thanking us later. Try it out because they are easily available and very inexpensive. Take care of yourself!

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