5 Excellent Workouts To Boost Sexual Performance

Who does not want a good sex life for some people it is a dream to enjoy sex and sex is best enjoyed when both the partners show equal participation in the sexual activity. Many studies have proved that best sex is done with the help of sound mind and healthy body. SO why not concentrate on a healthy body and learn some sexy workouts to pep up our sex life.

These workouts are special workouts which have been selected to boost your sex drive. This especial exercise not only keeps our body’s blood circulation perfect but also improves our sex lives. So why not learn these work outs and make our sex life excellent. So let us check out what is so special in these work outs that makes our sex life better.


We know that push ups for long time but do we know that they not only keep our body toned but also help in improving our sex life , so let us find how push ups are done and what are the benefits associated with them.

How to do push-ups

In order to start off with push ups lie down on an exercising mat on your stomach.  Fold another exercising mat and Put it below your knees. Put both the hands on the floor and while lying on the floor with your knees touching the floor cross your legs. Now slowly transfer the whole body weight on your hands and along with that bend towards the floor or downwards and then raise your body up. Repeat this push up three times in a set of fifteen. Initially just do one set and slowly increase the number of push ups.


Doing these push ups will tone your arms, shoulders and stomach muscles and tighten them around the waist. This will also reduce the hanging tummy too. In few months only the muscles of stomach will become tight and your waist will start looking sexy.

Sexual performance:

Men with their string abs can show good performance in regular sex positions as compared to women. Thus the men who will have toned abs will be able to deliver good sexual performance. The women who will do these push ups will show great energy in regular sex positions.


Everybody knows what squats are but have we ever pondered on the fact that they can be effective work outs to boost our sexual performance, so let’s check out how they do so.

How to do

The word squat seems a bit tough but squats are very easy and useful in doing. Squats are nothing but just a way of sitting posture. Keep your arms straight in front of you rather extend them in front and spread your legs a bit apart and in this position just bend a little downwards as if you are sitting on a virtual chair and after staying in this position for few seconds return back to the original standing pose. Repeat this exercise three times in a set of fifteen each.

Benefits :

By doing squats the blood circulation increases in all the muscles of the body. It also helps in production of sex stimulating hormones which help in maintaining energy for quite long in the body.

Sexual performance:

Since it tightens the thigh muscles so the sexual performance of women increases. The muscles around the hips also become tight so the sexual pleasure of both men and women doubles with squatting exercise.

Bench Press

How to do

Sit on a bench which is till your knee length or below your knee length. After sitting on bench press the bench with both the hands. Now move both the legs forward and while going forward start sliding downwards and now pushing your body upwards. Repeat this three times in a set of fifteen each.


With the help of bench press the looseness in the breasts of women is reduced that is it makes their breast will appear a bit tight. It will increase their capacity to bear weight and their heart will also become healthy.

Sexual performance:

Both the partners will feel more attraction towards each other by seeing the toned chests both in men and women. Women will feel happier in the tight hug of their husband’s tight chest and men will also enjoy their wives shapely and toned breasts.


Just choose any cardio exercise from aerobics, swimming, cardio or brisk walking. All these come under one umbrella called cardio exercises. You have to choose the one you like according to your taste and you have to do it 4-5 days in a week. If there is any gym near your house then you can join it for exercising and if not then you can go for a brisk walk for 20 minutes in the morning with your husband and for 10 minutes do slow running or jogging. You can just do cycling also for 30 minutes that will also do the same benefit.


It increases blood circulation in our body and keeps our heart healthy. Cardio0 also helps in keeping the digestion fit and helps in reducing extra body fat too You feel energetic and the capacity to do any job efficiently also increases. It improves the immunity system thus you do not catch cold or common diseases easily.

Sexual performance:

Cardio exercises help in quick stimulation during sex and keep you energetic for a long time. It will boost your sexual desire you will want to have sex 4-5 times in a week by creating mood for sex.  Brain produces a happy hormone called endomorphin. This hormone keeps your mood happy and you get time to listen to each other and thus keep both of your passionate towards each other.

Keigel Exercises

Sit at one place in a relaxed pose. Breathe in and while inhaling just squeeze your vagina and just relax while breathing out. Do it for ten times. Sit on mat and stretch your legs in front of you and bend forwards and stretch your arms and touch the ground. Repeat this ten times. Hold both your feet inwards bending at knees as if doing namaskar with your feet. Hold both the feet with your hands and push the knees downwards with the elbows.

Benefits :

it is most beneficial for women experts say as it makes the pubic muscles strong. It helps in controlling urine for long time. In men these exercises help in giving sexual pleasure to women for longer time. In women it helps in improving the blood circulation in the pelvis area thus during sex they get orgasm easily. The menstrual pain also reduces and it tightens the vaginal muscles too in women.

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