5 Effective Natural Cures For Lymphoma

Natural Cure To Lymphoma

Lymphoma refers to a form of blood cancer. It arises when B or T lymphocytes start to divide faster than the normal speed. These are the white blood cells which function to protect our body from contracting ailments and also enhance our immune system. It can involve the spleen, bone marrow and lymph nodes and such cells finally turn into tumors. They may further spread into neighboring parts or may limit their form at the site of its origin. 

Therefore it is important to control its spread as soon as diagnosed. Symptoms of lymphoma include swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, weight loss, fatigue, loss of appetite and respiratory diseases in some cases. Treatments usually involve chemotherapy, radiations and in some cases, bone marrow transplantation. Here are some natural ways which help in treating lymphoma:

Best Natural Cures For Lymphoma

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables For Lymphoma

Start eating a diet rich in green leafy vegetables as these contain compounds known as flavonoids which show anti-cancerous properties. Flavonoids are basically phyto-nutrients that help in reduction of cancer cells.

Spinach, bitter-gourd, gourd, are worth mentioning and are sources that one can easily get from the market. Some fruits are also known to contain Flavonoids that include banana, kiwi, apples and pineapples. In fact, it said that adding colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet increases your immune power.

Flaxseed Oil And Astragalus

Flaxseed Oil For Lymphoma

Astragalus is a herb that stimulates T-cells and fights cancer cells. It also reduces the degrading effects of bacteria and cancerous cells. Note that patients suffering from skin infection and fever should never use this herb as it may produce reverse effects.

Flaxseed oil helps in battling cancer due to its capabilities to stop the growth of cancerous cells. This herb from nature is available in seed, flour or meal forms and can also be consumed in the form of supplements. Remember to include flax seeds in the daily diet of patients suffering from lymphoma.


Licorice Root For Lymphoma

Licorice root is rich in lichlicochalcone-A, licocoumarone and glabridin, and can stop the DNA mutations and fire the cancer cells existing in the blood. It has been suggested that it should be consumed at a dosage between 200 to 600 mg. It is available in tablet and oil forms. Ginseng is herb that boosts your immune system and slows down the growth of cancer cells. Its availability is easy and supplements are the best way to take it.

Juice Of Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd Juice For Lymphoma

Bottle gourd juice along with basil and spearmint juice have been known to neutralize the acidic environment in our body. It helps in combating the cancerous cells as they cannot survive in an alkaline medium and greatly reduce the number of pre-existing cancer cells. 

This juice should be taken two times a day and it is best to drink this along with breakfast or lunch. Remember not to use the normal salt, instead use black salt to increase its effectiveness.


Hydrotherapy For Lymphoma

Water as a therapy, helps by enhancing metabolism and detoxification process and is used an adjunctive treatment. Ice is one form of water and massaging the affected area with ice for around 10 minutes has proven to reduce pain and swelling in the extremities. Beat some ice and wrap it in a single layer of towel and massage in circular motions to benefit the most from this ice therapy. You must also make it a point to consume atleast 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day to flush out all toxins.

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