5 Contraception Myths Busted!

Contraception is an issue that is rarely discussed among the female population. A number of myths regarding contraception are prevalent that need to be busted. 5 contraception myths have been busted here.

One popular myth prevalent regarding contraception is that douching and immediate urination post intercourse averts contraception. Many women have unprotected intercourse and then either douche or spew in water into their vaginal tract, or urinate immediately with an intension to get rid of the semen from their vagina.

Now if you try to avert pregnancy this way then you may not succeed. The reason for this is that when you have intercourse without any protection, millions of sperm get into the vaginal tract. And some of them can get into the fallopian tube and fertilize the egg resulting in pregnancy.

Another myth regarding contraception is that if the male partner uses withdrawal then the female partner won’t conceive.  But do not rely upon this as it would land you in hot water. The ‘withdrawal’ technique may not work in averting conception. In this method, men withdraw prior to ejaculation and ejaculates outside. Thus, it is believed that the vaginal tract remains safe. But according to the experts, fluid secreted during pre-ejaculation phase can also include sperms!

The third contraception myth is that if a woman has unprotected intercourse during her ‘safe’ phase then she will not conceive. Seven days before the menstrual cycle and seven days post this cycle are regarded as ‘safe’ period for having intercourse. This is another big misconception! You ovulate prior to your menstruation and you have exact date as to when you will have the period, hence unprotected intercourse during the so called ‘safe’ period can lead you to conceive!

Some women think that since their partners wear tight condom, they are protected against conception. But this is not true. Condom should have some space left after wearing it as that it can hold the fluid during ejaculation and does not tear off.

And the fifth contraception myth is that avoiding an orgasm helps in avoiding conception! But the truth is that female orgasm has no relation with fertilization and hence plays no role in preventing conception. But orgasm in case of men leads to ejaculation and thus sperms are released. And you know that if these sperms reach your fallopian tube and fertilize your egg then you will surely conceive.

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