5 Common Mistakes That Can Harm Your Skin

Our body has the external layer called skin that not only protects our body from the external environment but also makes you to look beautiful and gorgeous. But some people don’t care for their skin and end up in developing the risk of many skin problems. Why to increase your risk and lose your skin beauty without any genuine reason! At least, you can do what is in your hand to preserve that magnificent and healthy glow on your skin.

In the process of looking after your skin or out of sheer ignorance, you might be committing some mistakes that can harm your skin! So why not educate a bit about the mistakes that are capable of harming the skin. Given below are 5 common mistakes that can harm your skin.

Mistake 1

One of the most common mistakes committed by people that can harm their skin is that of making use of a moisturizer for the purpose of sun block. This mistake may seem simple but if committed over the years, can considerably harm your skin and you may even become a victim of skin cancer!

These days, a number of high-quality moisturizers are available in the stores that are often infused with Sun Protecting Factor 15 (SPF 15). When SPF is blended with a moisturizer, its effectiveness is greatly reduced and you may receive protection up to SPF 7 scale only. Hence, although these moisturizers combined with sun block can give you an extra advantage of mild sun protection, they cannot replace the pure sun blocks in any way. And if you do so then you should be prepared to listen to the complaints of your skin.

The best way to deal with the harsh rays of the sun is to apply a deep layer of sun block with SPF 30 or 45 on all the exposed skin area. And this act should be done at least 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun. You should keep in your mind that this application of sun block cannot care for your skin throughout the day so if you have to spend long hours outdoors then you must apply the sun block again and again at an interval of two to three hours to get the maximum benefit.

Mistake 2

Another common mistake often committed by people is that of bleaching their skin in excess. Although bleaching contains many chemicals, they may not harm your skin and can make your skin look clear and fairer. But this result can only be obtained when you follow the basic rules of proper skin bleaching. But it is unfortunate to see many girls and women bleach their skin excessively in the hunger of getting a clear complexion and cause harm to their skin.

You can get the benefits of skin bleaching if you pay attention to certain basic things. The first thing to keep in mind about skin bleaching is to avoid bleaching your skin too frequently. Some people bleach their skin once in a month. But even this time duration may not be accurate. Experts often recommend avoiding skin bleaching as long as possible. But if you have to bleach then never bleach more than once in a month.  And if you have a sensitive skin then skin bleaching has not been invented for you. You should altogether avoid bleaching your skin if you want to keep away the complications that may result post bleaching.

When you bleach your skin, it unclogs the skin pores. It is essential to close these open pores so that dirt and grime can be avoided from getting into them. So immediately after bleaching your skin you should do a facial or at least use a face pack. Cleaning up or going for a facial can help you to pacify and calm the chemicals included in the bleach and also minimize extra harm. So do not forget to begin your bleaching procedure with comprehensive cleaning up of your skin and ending with a facial or a face pack.

Mistake 3

The Third mistake that people usually commit and harm their skin unknowingly is that of working outdoors without taking any precaution against the sun. Your work may be of any kind but the sun will not forgive you of coming out without applying sun block. You should also avoid the temptation of exercising outdoors in the sunlight.  If you enjoy exercising in the open then a shaded area should be preferred.

If you worked outdoors in the past then you should be smart enough to check the moles and other marks on your body and report them to your dermatologist if you find any changes taking place in these marks. Also inform your dermatologist about the outdoor works done in the past.

Mistake 4

Use of chemical peels without taking appropriate precautions and without knowing much about the peels used can be harmful for your skin. When a chemical peel is applied to your skin it works by blistering and then peeling off the skin that has grown old. A chemical peel, if used properly can improvise the look of your external skin.

This may look very easy and a sensible procedure, you should look out for the side effects that can be caused if proper guidelines are not followed. Firstly, people, who have sensitive skin should never try to opt for a chemical peel and should go for some milder form of skin treatments. Another thing to be kept in mind, while going for a chemical peel is that it can cause temporary sensitivity to light. And hence, staying indoors for a few days after this treatment can be a better option to avoid scarring.

Mistake 5

Many people ignore the importance of following a proper bedtime routine. This is one of the most common mistakes that people usually make, which causes harm to their skin in the long run. Sleeping with their make-ups, applying skin care products such as anti-acne or anti-dark circle creams without cleansing their faces is quite prevalent among the female population.

In order to get healthy and glowing skin, skin should be kept clean and make-up-free at bedtime. Cleansing your skin with a mild and fine quality cleansers and then washing your face with cold water can help you to rejuvenate your skin throughout the night.

You must try to get rid of any of the above mentioned mistakes that can harm your skin and keep your skin healthy.

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