4 Effective Ways To Improve Your Sexual Performance In Bed

Performance In BedMaking love is often the answer to all relationship problems. A study has shown that couples who don’t indulge in enough love-making tend to stay angry and dissatisfied with each other.

This even gives rise to tension and discord in their relationship. However, a healthy romp in between the sheets can go a long way in getting rid of all tension and put the element of spice back into your relationship.

Having sex isn’t difficult, everyone can do it. However, making love is an altogether different art. When you make love you aren’t only thinking of satisfying yourself but are also tuned in to the likes and dislikes of your partner. Remember, to have an amazing session of love making it is important that you and your partner be equal participants and recipients.

Don’t simply focus on satisfying your needs and wants. An unsatisfied sexual partner can is also a very angry partner. If you are still with us we will assume that you are still interested in knowing how to boost your performance in bed to lead to a mind-blowing climax for both your and your partner.

We have listed the four best ways of improving your sex life and strengthening your romantic relationship.

1. Form an exercise plan and stick to it.

To enjoy sexual activity in bed you will need to have a healthy body and sound mind. Being tired and lethargic isn’t going to help you in the bedroom. The only way of revving up your sexual life is by doing regular workouts. Exercising will also help tone the muscles and increase their flexibility. When your muscles give you the freedom of movement you will find yourself performing better in bed. This new muscle freedom will also encourage you to try out different positions in bed which can be very exciting.

Exercises that can help you relieve lethargy and get your hormones blazing are:

Cardio exercises

These exercises are the solution to most of your problems including leading a healthy and satisfied sexual life. Doing cardio exercises four times a week keeps the muscles of the heart strong and the body energized. You can pick your favorite cardio exercise from a list that includes running, cycling, swimming wand walking. There are many more cardio exercises that fall under the category of low-intensity cardio that you can do to begin with and take to high-intensity cardio once your stamina builds up.

Strength training

In order to make your sexual life more adventurous you will have to do try different positions. And the last thing you want during a sexual romp is a muscle cramp. Strength training uses muscles to tone and shape the body. Once the muscles become flexible it is much easier to move them in any position you want to. You can say goodbye to all your muscle sprain and muscle pull worries a week after regular muscle training. However, you will have to keep continuing the training program if you want the flexibility to last forever.


We have all heard of the latest offering from yoga; yoga sex. Yoga sex teaches you flexibility in order to achieve certain sexual positions. According to yoga you lead an amazing sexual life if you can manage to perform sexual intercourse in these poses. Yoga sex involves plenty of stretching exercises that gives your muscles flexibility and power to move.

2. Eat a well-balanced diet.

When you take vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and other nutrients in the right quantity your body burns these foods to produce energy. Energy is the fuel which makes our body function properly. A person who does not eat proper meals will find himself/herself easily fatigued and tired most of the times. A good diet will keep you healthy and enable you to perform the many functions expected from your body including sexual activity.

Eating junk food and calorie-rich food does not constitute proper diet. These foods will only add fat to the body and being overweight can lead to another problem; that of erectile dysfunction. So you daily diet should include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cereals and fiber that will help repair damaged tissues, give you energy, reduce your anxiety levels and maintain a good physical and mental health. All these factors combined will help boost your sexual prowess.

3. Keep the channel of communication open between you and your partner at all times.

You should be sure of what your wants in bed. You should also let her know about your preferences. Discussing each other’s fantasies and playing them out is also a good way of enhancing your sex life and adding the fun element in it. Talking about your fantasies is going to add excitement to your relationship as well.

You need to be open about what you want and encourage your partner to talk about her desires as well. Trying to please each other silently is only going to end with one partner getting hurt. You should be frank in talking about your fantasies. Your partner might not like what you share with them so you must be respectful of her feelings as well.

Try to reach a common ground where you both can be satisfied without offending one another. Couples who connect in bed are bound forever because they never let the process of communication end between them.

4. Don’t be afraid of trying out your fantasies and new positions once in a while.

The problem with most couples is that they fear trying out new positions because they are most comfortable in the missionary position and know what to do when. The truth is that trying new positions with your partner can be as much fun and exciting as participating in a treasure hunt.

However, you must ensure that your partner is comfortable in the position or style that you wish to try. If you force your partner to do something that doesn’t appeal to her then you will be affecting her mood adversely. And instead of having the sex of your life you might spend the night sleeping on the couch and alone!

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