4 Amazing Benefits Of Krill Oil On Hair

4 Amazing Benefits Of Krill Oil On HairKrill, scientifically known as Euphausia is an excellent source of antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. Krill are small, translucent crustaceans that closely resemble shrimps. They live in deep water in the ocean and basically feed on phytoplankton.

Krill oil is extracted from the fat acquired from the bodies of these tiny Krill. Krill oil is very nutritious and has been found to be a better and richer source of Omega-3 fatty acid than fish oil.

Krill fishing for commercial purposes is done mainly in the Southern Ocean including Antarctica. Northern Pacific Ocean is also used for krill fishing. Water of these oceans is uncontaminated and is also very high in nutrients. Therefore, krill oil contains nil or very low levels of mercury and PCBs as compared to several other types of fish and fish oil.

Nutrients Of Krill Oil:

Krill oil is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. These fatty acids are most commonly found in fatty fishes like tuna and salmon. Krill oil contains Omega-3 in the form of phospholipids. Omega-3 in this form is more easily absorbed by the body.

Nutrients Of Krill OilUnlike fish oil, krill oil is absorbed in the small intestine and hence you do not get fishy taste post consumption. Krill oil also contains Astaxanthin, an antioxidant that has been revealed to be nearly ten times more potent than carotene.

4 Amazing Benefits Of Krill Oil On Hair:

Krill Oil Keeps Hair Shiny And Healthy

Apart from being a powerhouse of Omega-3 fatty acids, krill oil is also rich in Vitamins E and D. Omega-3 fatty acids along with Vitamin E promote the overall health of your hair.

Krill Oil Keeps Hair Shiny And HealthyKrill oil also adds natural shine to your hair.

Krill Oil Fights Dry Scalp

Millions of people across the globe suffer from dry scalp, which often leads to dandruff and hair loss. Regular use of krill oil is efficient in alleviating dry scalp problem without causing any harm to your body system.

Krill Oil Fights Dry ScalpKrill Oil Makes Hair Follicles Stronger

Due to its rich nutritional value, krill oil provides adequate nutrition to your hair. Just like your other body organs, your hair too requires essential nutrients to remain healthy and glowing. Krill oil provides most of the nutrients essential for strengthening the hair follicles and result in much stronger hair follicles.

Krill Oil Makes Hair Follicles StrongerSo if you want to make your hair follicles stronger then you can use krill oil regularly. You will notice the changes in your hair within 6 to 8 weeks of its use.

Krill Oil Fights Hair Loss And Damage

People, who are suffering from hair damage or hair loss can benefit from the regular use of krill oil. Krill oil is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acid, which is well known for its unique property of promoting cell re-growth.

Krill Oil Fights Hair Loss And DamageThis property helps krill oil to repair hair damage and fight hair loss problem.

Other Major Benefits Of Krill Oil:

Apart from being extremely beneficial for hair, krill oil provides several other health benefits to the mankind. It is good for heart disease, helps in lowering blood pressure, minimizes arthritis symptoms, etc.

minimizes arthritis symptomsIt is also beneficial for skin and nails.


Krill oil should be avoided by people, who suffer from shellfish allergy or bleeding disorders. People who are on blood thinners should also strictly avoid the use of krill oil to avoid any complication.

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