3 Awesome Sex Positions To Spice Up Sex Life

Sex Positions To Spice Up Sex LifeSex is a synonym for pleasure, satisfaction and desires. Why do you think counselors and many articles on relationships stress on the importance of sex? That is because it is the major factor that determines the happiness and actual contentment between two individuals. Money, good job and friends play a secondary role in providing a happy life. So one may ask is it only sex that matters. No, it is a combination of love, trust and the feeling of belongingness that leads to physical intimacy in the form of sexual pleasures. Though the meaning of sex has changed tremendously in today’s world but there are people who truly love each other and ready to share everything including physical love.

Since now we know what importance sex has in our lives, let’s run through the need to spice up with some crazy sex positions. The main reason as already mentioned is to create some excitement in each other’s life. How boring it would be eat the same veggie day in and day out.

Don’t you feel or ask your spouse to cook different? The same way is our sex life; it needs variety, spice and most importantly pleasure after having it. The greatest myth of most of the couples is that talking too much about sex or stating your needs is socially unacceptable. Oh come on, it is your life partner/lover in question, not a stranger that you are having sex with.

There is not such a big deal in asking your partner to come up with great sex ideas, it not only helps you but him/her as well to enjoy with you. The next time when you hear a friend talking old fashion that she plainly follows what her husband asks her to do, tell her to take a chill pill. Here are the 3 awesome sex positions that couples should indulge.

Enticing Lap dance

Enticing Lap danceIt is an excellent opportunity for women to take charge of the man. Gone are those days where a woman lied naked and numb for her husband to have duty sex and sleep. Women have become very vocal about their sexual needs and why not. They are human beings and have desires just like men. How about you wearing dancing shoes for once and entice your man like never before? Be as naughty and kinky as you can. Wear a nice short dress preferably what the sexy lap dancers wear and wait for your prey to come home. Once he does, do not give him enough time relax, “welcome home honey“are you up to shake a leg with me”. Play the music and sit on his lap and dance while rubbing your private parts on him. This is the easiest and sexiest way to have great sex while dancing. Do some shakira with your waist wiggling away in glory.

Stand In Action

Foreplay KissingAs the name suggest, this type of sex position cause circus in the hormones both in men and women. After the exciting foreplay, kissing and caressing is done with, now comes the time for a big bang. Make the woman sit of chair or on the bed while the man stands. Spread her legs and put it around your waist. This way the private parts of both man and woman should rub against each other. Now the man gently starts to thrust and increases the speed as and when the girl demands.

This is one of the best satisfying sex positions every couple should try for ultimate pleasure. The best place to execute this is while your wife is washing dishes, grab her from the waist, clear the kitchen table and lay her on it. Without giving her much time to refute your action, undress her and make her love the way she would forget all her household work and start participating herself. How about doing it on the shit pot or on the washing machine? There is nothing as exciting as trying a different location for having a great sex life.

Woman On Top

Woman On TopMen love when their women ride on them like a horse. This position is as exciting as the name sounds. How to execute this position? It is easy and very exciting for a man to simply lie down on the bed and let the woman do all the work that night. Add some fun to your foreplay like the girl dressed like a stripper with just enough lights to see each other’s shadows making love. Foreplay plays a great role in making a man stand erect like an Eiffel tower. Lie him down, get on him with as graceful you can be. Start with some kissing and licking him all over before you do “it”.

Make sure this position does not hurt his groin or else he won’t be able to enjoy. Enhance the night with great rocking music to go with the flow. Men simply adore women on top of them. There is no doubt that this is by fat the most satisfying sex moment for a man.

Location as well as position is very important to have a healthy and exhilarating sex life. The above 3 awesome sex positions are easy and great to execute in any corner of your bedroom or house for that matter. Define what makes you and your partner happy. Better yet, come up with new or improvise the old sex positions that you’ve been trying all the time. Many couples have funky names for their sex position. These little things like naming their favorite positions or allocating each day of the week with different sexual pose can work a great deal in having a super rocking sex life.

They say some of the best things in the world are for free just like sex (unless you like to pay for it). Sex between two people in love forms the soul of the relationship. Don’t let this soul die within you. Wear your creative cap and indulge in some awesome sex positions that you and your partner enjoy.

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