2013 Volkswagen Up Review

If you are an enthusiast of cars and automobiles, then you will surely love this piece of writing. Here are going to talk about The 2013 Volkswagen Up, a city car and production of Volkswagen Group New Small Family. Volkswagen Up was first exposed as a sequence of concept cars, early in 2007 and again showed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

All Volkswagen Up series of cars are designed by Chief Designer Walter De’Silva, of Volkswagen Group and Core Designer Marque Klaus Bischoff of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars. Volkswagen Up is going to launch in Indian market by 2013.

2013 Volkswagen Up review

2013 Volkswagen Up  Features

Keeping on exact to its original model, Volkswagen Up has a two-box layout, which is very easy and simple. Its chief designer said the layout offers sufficient liberty employed within the compact footstep and makes the car ideal for driving in the city areas. It comes with some nice features like the City Emergency Braking System, which employs a laser sensor to avoid any mishap by applying the brake automatically if the driver fails to sense any danger.

2013 Volkswagen Up

The emergency braking system is proficient to control the speed up to 18 mph. It offers a mobile Portable Infotainment Device (PID) to systematize the navigation, information, telephone and entertainment features. There is also a “Park Pilot” trait that manages the car’s distance to the next vehicle.


If we talk about the dimensions of 2013 Volkswagen Up, it is a speck smaller than the Volkswagen Polo. The new Volkswagen Up is 1.48 meters or 4.9 ft in height, 3.54 meters or 11.6 ft long and 1.64 or 5.4 ft meters broad with a liberal wheelbase of 2.42 meters. It offers comfortable seating for five passengers and about 33.6 cu ft of cargo competence.

2013 Volkswagen Up features

Power and Fuel Efficiency

New 2013 Volkswagen Up is powered by a latest 1.0 liter three cylinder diesel engine with the improved turbo. The two deviations have outputs of hp 60 or 44 kW and 75 hp or 55 kW. The 60-hp engine offers a combined fuel consumption of 56 mpg (4.2 liter/100 km) while the 75-hp engine offers 55 mpg (4.3 liter/100 km) with 105 g and 108 g per 100 km of CO2 releases, respectively. As a BlueMotion version Technology natural gas power, its joint fuel consumption of 3.2 kg/100 km (natural gas) is the same as a CO2 value of 86 g / km.

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Its interior is very sanitary and structured. The new 2013 Volkswagen Up provides a variety of smart and meticulous style of fun and a superiority level that will amplify market division. It has a very attractive design and styling with the comfortable sitting arrangements.

2013 Volkswagen Up interior

The car offers about 251 litres of space for baggage and a comprehensive 951 litres generally when back seats are collapsed. These two standards demonstrate, the interior of Volkswagen Up will be a massive among small cars.


The 2013 Volkswagen Up will be available in three designs of Move Up, Down High and Take Up. It has a very magnificent design which makes it demandable. The front end of the car divulges much about its quality. The new Up has a conventional transverse engine (front-mounted) and a drive design (front wheel), called MQB. Other unique features of the Volkswagen Up include a front bumper that is immense and has rectangular lattice. Its round fog lights and angular headlights, makes it more significant than the recent Volkswagens. In addition the design of vertical carriage, points straight to an open cabin and unique wheel-arch flares boost the car’s broad tracks.

2013 Volkswagen Up price

2013 Volkswagen Up Cost and Availability

The 2013 Volkswagen Up is available in three colors of black, white and red in western countries. The Take up base model starts at 9,800 Euros. The car will make its launch by 2013 in India and the base version would presently be targeted at a value of Rs. 3 lakhs. The 2013 Volkswagen Up is a very striking city car; apparently peculiar and inexpensive looking but relatively classy on the other hand.


So as you have read all the necessary information about the car, I would like to say that The 2013 Volkswagen Up is ideal for small budget families with the unique and attractive exterior. The other attributes of the car like City Emergency Braking System, fine fuel efficiency, spacious seats and most importantly its economical cost makes it most wanted among all the new models in the market. So what are you waiting for? Bring home the new family member.

2013 Volkswagen Up Photos

2013 Volkswagen Up photos2013 Volkswagen Up wallpaper2013 Volkswagen Up review2013 Volkswagen Up price in india

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