2013 Volkswagen CC Review

The Volkswagen CC has always been known for being a handsome and well built car. It made its debut in 2008 and despite the initial misgivings by cynics; this car has been successfully sold in all its markets. The German carmaker has big ambitions for this car especially in the U.S. market. Even though the sedan is a good enough vehicle already, Volkswagen has given it a facelift for 2013. It still continues though to be a fine piece of engineering built into a graceful body.

2013 Volkswagen CC

2013 Volkswagen CC Features

Technical Features

Volkswagen is offering the CC in many different trims with many different options. So buyers will have to be careful and carefully choose the option they think will suit them best. One thing that does not change among the trim levels is that, this sedan will seat five people.

There are two engines on offer to operate the various trim levels. The 2.0 Litre four cylinder engine generates 200 horsepower with 207 pound-feet of torque. The fuel efficiency on this engine is excellent with 22 miles offered in the city and 31 miles offered on the highway. The 3.6 Litre V6 engine generates 280 horsepower along with 265 pound-feet of torque. However, the fuel efficiency in this engine is a disappointing 17 miles in the city and 25 miles on the highway.

2013 Volkswagen CC engine

Volkswagen has given plenty of options on the transmissions. The Sport and R-Line come with a six speed manual transmission. But you can get it changed to the DSG, which is a six speed automated manual transmission. The DSG is issued as the standard transmission on the Lux trim level. The V6 engine comes with the automated manual transmission. The 2.0 Litre engine can only be operated via the front wheels. But the sedans with the V6 give you an option of either front wheel drive or all wheel drive. The 2.0 Litre engine will take the sedan to 60 miles per hour in 7.3 seconds, while the V6 allows you to take an entire second off that record.


On the outside, this sedan is still a very good looking car and retains its status as the beauty queen of this segment. The plunging grille, which was a feature on the old models, has been replaced by the same grille structure that is used on the Passat. The old models had carefully sculpted tail lights and head lights.

2013 Volkswagen CC exterior

These have been simplified and made larger for the 2013 version. However, the car now sparkles with new bi-xenon headlights and LED taillights, which come in all the trim levels. But the car still retains its sleek look with its distinctive coupe roof, low body and high quality construction. Buyers have the option of either 17-inch alloy wheels or 18-inch alloy wheels. The facilities of keyless entry and heated side mirrors have also been provided.

Safety Features

Every version of the CC has always had outstanding safety features and this one is no different. There is a large amount of safety equipment inside the vehicle to ensure passenger safety. The sedan comes equipped with front fog driving lights, daytime running lights and cornering lights. The passenger airbags have an occupant sensing deactivation.

2013 Volkswagen CC back

The front and the rear of the cabin have been stored with plenty of headrests and airbags. Additional facilities include tire pressure monitoring and a post collision safety system. There are ventilated disc brakes both at the front as well as at the rear of the car. The suspensions include a Macpherson at the front and a Multi-link at the back.

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There is no shortage of lavishness and comfort inside the cabin of this car. You can expect all the facilities in this sedan that you would find in any high end premium brand. The designing, workmanship and attention to detail put into this vehicle shows in the end results. The front seats offer a variety of eight different power adjustments.

2013 Volkswagen CC interior

There is ample space to stretch the legs and driving is very comfortable thanks to the tilting steering wheel. However, the sloping roof line means that the back seat might just be a bit tight for tall passengers. The Vinyl leather used to cover the surfaces is very elegant and gives a soft touch to the cabin. Of course, different trim levels and different options will give you different features. It is up to the buyer to buy what suits him best.


Volkswagen has made sure that owners feel no need to ask for more, as far as the technology in this car is concerned. They have splurged out to make sure that the finest gadgets available in the market are loaded in this sedan. At the highest end, the sedan comes with a Dyna-audio premium brand stereo system with ten speakers and six hundred watts of output. The video monitor and its inbuilt graphics are very impressive. The Sirius XM satellite radio comes with three months of free service. The navigation system with its hard drive based display and voice directions is about the best there is. Climate is controlled with the dual zone controls and interior air filtration. The transmission and audio controls are conveniently located on the steering wheel.

2013 Volkswagen CC Price and Performance

For all the amenities provided in this car, naturally you would expect the price to be a bit steep. But buyers do not seem to mind. The CC has been one of the best selling cars for Volkswagen for years now. The base sedans start at $ 30,000 and work their way up through the trim levels to finish at $ 42,000 for the premium model. Opting for additional features, of which there are plenty, will naturally take the price up even more.

Performance wise the sedan does not disappoint. Most buyers would probably opt for the four cylinder engine given its better fuel saving. The steering is light while manoeuvring through a parking lot. It takes 123 feet for the car to come to a standstill from sixty miles per hour, which is reasonable. The safety inspectors were impressed with the CC and awarded it a Good rating. Overall, Volkswagen appears to have continued with the fine engineering that this sedan is known for.

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