14 Reasons To Include Yogurt In Your Diet

Surprising Health Benefits Of YogurtYogurt has been used for many centuries because of the astounding health benefits it possesses. Most people nowadays ignore this food in their daily diet.

Yogurt is milk that contains good bacteria which has many health benefits for our human body in helping it to function properly. Eating yogurt regularly can help to boost the good bacteria in your intestines and prevent the growth of bad bacteria which causes many diseases. The good bacteria which is present in yogurt helps to prevent digestive imbalances in the yeast levels of the body which causes yeast infections. Listed below are 14 reasons to include yogurt in your diet.

Weight loss

Regular consumption of yogurt has been effective in the process of weight loss. The fat which is around your stomach releases the hormone named cortisol which causes the body to accumulate more fat which can lead to several diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Whereas, the calcium present in the curd blocks the fat cells from releasing much cortisol which in turn makes fat loss a much easier process.

Good Bacteria

The bacteria which are present in yogurt dwell in the digestive tract and help to fight and kill the bacteria which cause stomach infections.


Yogurt is a very good source of vitamins that are required by the body. A single serving of yogurt contains zinc, iodine, potassium, phosphorous, and vitamin B5. It also helps in the correct functioning of the nervous system and the maintaining of the blood cells as it is a rich source of vitamin B 12.This is good news for vegetarians as the only other significant sources of Vitamin B12 are from non-vegetarian foods such as fish and chicken. By having an eight ounce serving of yoghurt, you can meet almost 50 percent of your daily need of Vitamin B 12.

Prevents high blood pressure

A majority of people daily consume almost double the amount of sodium that is recommended which can lead to high blood pressure. The presence of potassium in curd helps in removing the excess salt which is present in the body which helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Good source of protein

Yoghurt is made up of 12 or 15 grams of protein per eight ounces which is around 20 percent of a person’s daily requirement for protein. The process of culturing which is done on milk proteins makes the protein more easily digestible.

Boosting immunity

The bacterial cultures which are present in the yogurt are known to produce the disease fighting white blood cells in the blood.

Easier to digest

Yoghurt can be consumed even if a person ion allergic to milk or milk products which maybe because of lactose intolerance or allergy to protein. Yoghurt is much more easily digested than milk because of the culturing process. Lactase is created by the live active culture which is the enzyme that most people are deficient in, who are suffering from lactose intolerance .

The culturing process releases enzymes which helps in the digestion of the casein protein making it easily digestible. In the process of culturing, the milk sugar lactose breaks down to form glucose and glactose which are both very easily digested by those who are suffering from lactose intolerance.

Colon Health

There are two benefits of eating yogurt in terms of colon health. It lowers the risk of colon cancer and keeps the colon healthy because of the good bacteria called lacto bacteria which is present in it. It also helps to convert bile into carcinogenic acid and helps in increasing the growth of good bacteria in the body.

There is a very low risk of acquiring any colon disease if there is more of the good bacteria . It reduces the chance of colon cancer because of the presence of calcium which contributes to the good health of the colon. This is because the calcium present in it reduces the growth of the cells which line the colon.

Recovery after workouts

Yogurt is a good post-workout meal because it contains the correct ratio of high quality protein and carbohydrates. You must consume yogurt within 60 minutes after your workout. The protein which is present in yogurt has a high biological value and contain all the amino acids that build muscle. It is better to drink enough water with the yogurt as the protein helps to increase the absorption of water by the intestines.

Skin Care

Yogurt is one the best ways to treat lifeless and dry skin. It helps in treating the dry skin because of the presence of enzymes which keep the skin healthy and lactic acids which hydrates the skin. To keep your skin healthy and glowing, consume yogurt and also apply it to your skin o a regular basis.

As a Hair conditioner

Yogurt is a good choice in keeping your hair healthy by acting as a hair conditioner. To reap this benefit, apply some yogurt to your hair and leave it there for around half an hour, then wash it off. If your scalp is dry and itchy, then apply some yogurt mixed with lemon juice massaging it into your head and leave it in for around 25 minutes, wash it off after that.

Prevents osteoporosis

It is known to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis because of the presence of calcium which has many benefits on the bones .The presence of Vitamin D with Calcium is essential for skeletal health. Yogurt provides both of these nutrients containing a good amount of both of them.

Controls diarrhoea

Eating yogurt regularly prevents diarrhoea and keeps the digestive tract healthy. It is important to know whether the curd you are consuming has probiotic bacteria. You can check the label behind the container of the curd, if purchasing from a supermarket.

Have yogurt with flaxseed boost fibre and omega 3 fatty acids If you have yogurt with flaxseed which is ground, it boosts the amount of fibre and omega 3 fatty acids that are consumed at one sitting. The amount of fibre in yogurt is around 3 grams and omega 3 fatty acids are also around 3 grams.

Including yogurt as a part of your everyday diet will help you to reap great benefits keeping your body healthy and strong.

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