12 Relaxing Remedies For Vomiting

12 Relaxing Remedies For VomitingVery few of us can say that we have never experienced the sensation of vomiting in our lives. Women especially must have gone through severe bouts of vomiting during their days of pregnancy and hence know how tiring and disgusting it can be. Vomiting comes as a result of body’s natural reflux to expel something it deems unfit or toxic for the body. Most of the time when you vomit, the substance is expelled and you immediately feel such a relief! Vomiting is not the result of any single disorder. It is neither a disease. However, it can be triggered as a result of a number of reasons. Some of the problems or diseases that can cause vomiting are pregnancy, gastroenteritis, food poisoning and sometimes eating too much.

Any of us have an urge to stop the vomiting sensation that we feel. But this could sometimes be dangerous as the substance the body is trying to remove from your system will not be removed. Severe vomiting can lead you to trouble by causing dehydration in the body and fluid imbalance. Therefore severe vomiting must not be neglected. There are many home remedies for vomiting. These remedies are more than enough to stop your problem and prevent a visit to the doctor.

Natural Treatments For Vomiting

All You Need Is Water

As mentioned above, severe vomiting can lead to severe dehydration as well and hence must be stopped immediately. Drinking water is the best way to treat dehydration.

waterDrinking water will also remove all the toxic waste from the body which could have been the reason for your vomiting and nausea in the first place.  Drink plenty of water in the form of juices, soups and plain water.

Mint For Your Vomiting Sensation

Mint can immediately impart freshness into your system and remove the vomiting sensation with its cooling and refreshingly aromatic feel. You can prepare mint tea with mint leaves or mash fresh mint leaves in your mouth and eat them for instant relief from vomiting.

Mint for Your Vomiting SensationIf your vomiting is triggered due to indigestion or some bacterial action in the stomach, mint can very well destroy the microbes in your intestine before it gets a chance to multiply.

Ginger Relief From Vomiting

Stomach upsets can lead to vomiting sensation and what better remedy than ginger to take care of your stomach problems! Drink ginger tea several times a day or just chew ginger pieces for relief from vomiting.

Ginger Relief from VomitingGinger will leave a fresh and wonderful flavour in your mouth, masking the feeling of vomiting in your mouth.

Vomiting Can Be Stopped With Cloves

The distinct flavour of cloves can be enjoyed by boiling a teaspoon of the same with water for ten minutes and drinking this water whenever you get a feeling of vomiting. Cloves can immediately relieve problems related to indigestion and episodes of diarrhoea.

ClovesJust the strong smell of cloves is enough to keep your vomiting under control.

Honey To Cure Vomiting

Honey is very effective for treating vomiting. Mix one teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water and consume it whenever you feel the unpleasant sensation in your mouth.

HoneyIt can be mixed with other home remedies to increase its potency. Mix equal amounts of honey, ginger juice, lemon juice and mint juice, all very effective remedies for vomiting in their own right and consume this 3-4 times a day.

Cinnamon For Clearing Your Complaints

If you have grown tired of vomiting, try this cinnamon remedy. Take a cinnamon stick or add one teaspoon cinnamon powder to a cup of water and drink this water several times a day.

CinnamonIf your vomiting is triggered by problems of indigestion, cinnamon tea will set it right in an instant. Cinnamon can also be mixed with honey to improve its healing power.

How About Munching On Onions

Its pungent smell and taste can remove any vomiting sensation as fast as it started. Chew onions as soon as you feel like vomiting. Onion is an antibacterial and can also remove the bacteria in the stomach, providing a natural cleaning action to your colon and preventing indigestion and nausea.

OnionAgain, mixing onion with ginger or honey will create a better remedy for your stomach.

Herbal Teas For A Soothing Remedy

Herbal teas that can soothe as well as relax your stomach can help relieve your vomiting sensation. The teas that can be used for soothing your stomach are chamomile and peppermint. You can either use them individually or as a mixture to stop vomiting due to indigestion.

Herbal TeasLemon Can Stop Vomiting

The exhilarating scent of lemon freshens up your senses and stops your vomiting sensation forever. You can keep a lemon in your pocket for taking in its scent. Alternately, take a lemon and slice it into half.

LemonAdd some rock salt into the slice and keep licking the salt until the vomiting sensation stops and you feel normal and energised. Drink plenty of water after this as you could feel thirsty after all the salt that you have consumed.

Vomiting Can Be Stopped With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties and good for removing bacteria from the stomach. Dilute one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and drink it 2-3 times a day until your vomiting is taken care of completely.

Apple Cider VinegarBaking Soda For Vomiting

While you have vomiting sensation, the acids in the stomach need to be calmed down. This will prevent further vomiting. Baking soda is a good remedy for calming the stomach acids.

Baking sodaTake 1/4th teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water. Drink this solution for getting instant relief from indigestion and also to put an end to vomiting and nausea.

Try Sprite To Clear Your Vomiting Sensation

This could appeal to most of us. Clear beverages can clear indigestion and control vomiting. You can use sprite or 7 up or some other clear soft drink for this purpose.

Try Sprite

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