11 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism

When you were a child , you could practically eat anything you wanted whether it was chips, cakes, consume lot  of soft drinks to name a few without pilling on even a pound of weight .But, now you barely have any junk food ,yet the weight keeps piling on. This is because of your metabolism as it decreases with age .

People with a low metabolism tend to feel sluggish which prevents you from doing any work as you get tired very quickly. As a result, your weight constantly increases. However, there is a way out of this problem. Listed below are some effective diet strategies and workout tips that will help you to lose some weight even when you’re sleeping.

Building lean muscle mass

As your body begins to age, the calorie burning ability of your body also decreases. An effective way to combat this issue is by regular exercising in order  to build lean muscle tissue. Muscle tissue plays a key role in the burning of fat tissue. Therefore, it is important to have a good weight training routine to build muscle and maintain it. Also, it important to have a nutritious post-workout meal which is high in protein from sources such as beef, chicken, fish, eggs and whey protein . This will help in repairing and building the muscles. The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) increases with increase in the muscle tissue thus enabling you to burn more calories day by day.

Having breakfast

Breakfast is often been known to be the most important meal in the day because it helps to boost your metabolism and provide your body with consistent supply of energy throughout the whole day. Eating a good and healthy breakfast will prevent you from binging throughout the day. It has been observed that those who have breakfast daily in the morning  have a less tendency to have health issues and weight problems. If you don’t have breakfast on a regular basis, you would be actually slowing down your metabolism because your body is in starvation mode as you wake up due to not having food throughout the night.


Cardio plays an important role in increasing the metabolism of the body. Cardio helps in increasing definition and burning the layer of fat covering the muscle.Combining strength training with cardio will help you to get ripped and making the six-pack abs visible. The more intense the cardio activity, the greater increase in the metabolism. Forms of cardio such as HIIT are intense and help boost your metabolism throughout the day.

Stop skipping meals

A good diet is essential to increase metabolism. It is important to stop skipping meals and starving yourself. Eat six to seven small meals a day to decrease the urges to binge .Each time you eat, your metabolism increases for a short period of time .Thus, the more often you eat small meals , the more you will be able to increase your metabolism .Eating often will feed your muscle and starve fat .

Nutritious food

It is not only important to consume six to seven meals a day, but it is necessary to consume good nutritious food. Include a lot of vegetables and high protein foods at every meal. Increasing the intake of fibre helps in boosting the metabolism as fibre is a non-digestible carbohydrate but the body tends to break it up using the energy thus increasing the metabolism. In addition , sources that contain high fibre such as vegetables and legumes contain less calories which help in achieving weight loss .

Eliminate refined sugars

The kind of sugars that are found in sweets, chocolates and soft drinks .etc are responsible for many health conditions such as obesity and diabetes because of the excess quantity of refined sugar present in them. The complex carbohydrates such as those found in oats, bran and brown rice .etc are good carbohydrates sources for energy as they don’t get absorbed all at once but consistently provide you with energy throughout the day.

Get enough sleep

It is necessary to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday .If you sleep for lesser time, you would be burning lesser number of calories that your body would burn by just sleeping by pumping blood, breathing and repairing damaged tissues.


Drinking too much of coffee is not very good for you but consuming around 2 cups a day is very beneficial as it keeps you  active and keeps your mind alert to things happening around you. However, if you are losing weight it is better to start having the coffee without adding too much sugar or milk which will help to cut the calories down.Make sure to space the time when you have coffee to keep it boosted through the day.

Vitamin B

If you are having loss of energy, it is very important that you should consume enough of vitamin B. Vitamin B 12 is very effective in boosting energy .Therefore, it is essential to get enough quantity of vitamin b which can be done through having a good B complex supplement.


It is very important to consume enough water in order to boost your metabolism as over 70 % of the functions that take place in your body happen in water .If you don’t consume enough water, it will slow down the processes of the body which includes your metabolism. It has been researched that if one consumes eight glasses of water containing 8 ounces will help your body to burn an extra 70-80 calories everyday.

Consume green tea

Green tea has proven to be an effective metabolism booster in addition to the other numerous benefits that it offers. ECGC, a plant compound which is present in green tea helps to boost your metabolism. It has been researched and proved that those who consume around 5 cups of green tea everyday have experienced fat loss which is equal to 5 percent of their bodyweight.

To achieve great results in losing weight and feeling energetic by boosting your metabolism, it is important to follow these guidelines carefully and implement them in your daily life.

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