11 Excellent Remedies To Get Relief From Acidity

Remedies To Get Relief From Acidity

Acidity is one of the most common health problems that everyone faces. Acidity or gastric problem in a layman’s term occurs because of the excessive heat produced in the body. Why does it happen? It can happen due to unhealthy eating habits, an allergy to a particular food item or sometimes medications also lead to burning sensation in the stomach. When a person has acidity, he/she may feel several signs such as intense burning in the stomach.

This is one of the common symptoms for stomach related problem. Sometimes it is accompanied with acute pain in the stomach and dryness in the throat. It is not quite a good situation to be in especially when you are traveling or on a holiday. It simply ruins one’s normal routine life. The burning sensation in the stomach makes the person feel uneasy and so terrible that one cannot help but try one of the following great remedies to treat acidity at home.

11 Excellent Curd Home Remedy For Acidity

Curd To Reduce Acidity

Curd acts as a recovery agent for treating any burning sensation in the stomach. It keeps the stomach cool and relieves from acidity. All you have to do is take two tablespoons of curd in a glass, add cold water, salt to taste and pinch of crushed roasted cumin seeds.

Drink this thrice a day and feel the difference in the pain and burning of the stomach. You can also mix curd with a bowl of rice and eat it for lunch and dinner. Curd helps to fight the infection of the stomach and gives instant relief from acidity.

Home Remedy with Finger Millet

Finger Millet To Reduce Acidity

Finer Millet or “Ragi Java’ in Hindi, is an awesome remedy to get rid of acidity at home. It is very helpful for the office goers, simply drink one glass of finger millet mixed in water before leaving for work. It keeps your stomach cool throughout the day.

Salted Water Home Remedy

Salted Water To Reduce Acidity

This particular remedy can be pretty difficult for some people. Take a glass of hot water and mix adequate amount of salt inn it. Drink it every morning and force yourself to vomit as much as you can.

This way, you get rid of all the infection in the stomach. Once you throw up, you might feel sour taste in your mouth which signifies that you have puked acid present in the stomach. This is a brilliant home remedy to remove the cause of acidity by vomiting.

Cold Milk is Very Helpful for Treating Acidity

Cold Milk To Reduce Acidity

Doctors often advise to drink cold milk when you have acidity. It is because the coldness of the milk eases the burning sensation caused due to gastric problem in the stomach. Please note that the milk has to cold. Hot milk would aggravate the problem. Do this early in the morning to get relief.

Mint Remedy for Acidity

Mint To Reduce Acidity

Mint leaves as we all know is one of the greatest home remedies to cool you body. Take out half a glass of pudina or mint juice and drink twice a day. It is very effective in treating acidity immediately.

Treatment of Acidity with Coconut Water

Coconut Water To Reduce Acidity

Coconut water is an excellent remedy to keep your body hydrated as well stomach cool anytime time of the year. Infection or otherwise, coconut water always helps to cool the stomach. You should Drink tender coconut water twice a day, preferably once on empty stomach to ease from burning sensation due to acidity.

Yummy Ice-cream for Treating Acidity

Ice Cream To Reduce Acidity

Kids love this home remedy because they get to eat delicious Vanilla flavored ice-cream which really helps to treat acidic problem. Not only children, anyone who suffers from burning sensation can simply relish on Vanilla ice-cream to give a stomach a very tasty home medicine to get relief from acidity. Make sure it is only Vanilla and no other flavor.

Bananas for Treating Acidity

Banana To Reduce Acidity

Bananas are one of the effective fruits that treat acidity. In fact sometimes acidity also leads to loose motions which can be easily stopped by eating two bananas. It helps to fight the infection as well give the patient some strength.

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Amla Home Remedy for Acidity

Amla To Reduce Acidity

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is also one of the effective home remedies for cutting acidity. Take out half a glass of Amla juice and mix it with two teaspoon sugar. Drink this early in the morning for best results. Amla helps to cure acidity and also strengthens the immune system.

Eating Fresh Fruits like Cucumber and Watermelon

Watermelon To Reduce Acidity

Eating fruits that provide coolness to the stomach is one of the intelligent remedies for treating acidity. Fruits like cucumber and watermelon have about 80% of water which is best for treating the irritation and burning sensation due to acidity.

Cumin seeds with Coriander Home Remedy

Cumin Seeds To Reduce Acidity

Add Crushed roasted cumin seeds along with crushed Dhania powder and one teaspoon of sugar mixed in water is a great remedy to treat acidity at home. You can also take the dry mixture twice a day for great results. Other effective home remedies for acidity involve keeping a wet cloth over the stomach to get rid burning feeling in the stomach. Gourd juice is also very helpful to treat acidity. You can also eat boiled potatoes with a pinch of salt.

Jaggery and soaked Raisins also help to cure gastric problems. Mix lemon juice in a glass of hot water and drink before every meal avoids acidity. How can you avoid acidity? Yes, it can prevented by eating right firstly. Fresh fruits and vegetables are definitely very healthy for the body and does not create acid.

Avoid eating junk food or fast foods. Try avoiding foods that have acid or too spicy to get rid of burning sensation. Never have too much gap between meals. Eat in small portions at regular interval is perfect to have a clean and healthy stomach. Regular exercises would keep you fit and free from infections. People with stressful jobs are most prone to acidity. Therefore maintain a peaceful lifestyle by incorporating Yoga and meditation to cleanse the system well.

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