10 Effective Home Remedies For Insect Bites

10 Effective Home Remedies For Insect BitesIt is when you are very comfortably sitting and relaxing at home that you are suddenly startled by a sting at your back! You start scratching and picking on the bite and the next thing you know, your skin is peeled off and you are down with an infection. Isn’t it a common occurrence in every home? Insect bites are way too common for us to feign ignorance as to what it means. The truth behind insect bites is that most of us do nothing about it except scratch and make matters worse. Or it could be possible that we never knew that there are wonderful remedies from nature that we can use to our advantage and prevent secondary infections due to insect bites.

Home remedies for insect bites are very effective and help us get rid of the frustration of that tremendous itch and stingy feeling on your skin. Take a look at these remedies and be relieved by them when you need some peace and relaxation without a certain itch on your body…

Home Remedies For Insect Bites

1. Water And Soap Is All You Need To Stop Scratching!

This is something that we never do, but something that is all needed for stopping the itch and removing the germs that could have been deposited by the insect in question. Rush off and wash the area with an antibacterial soap and water.

Water and SoapThis will stop the scratch that has been forming on the skin. Scratching will lead the bacteria on the skin to get transferred inside and lead to other risks which you can avoid by this simple task of washing.

2. Dab Calamine If You Cannot Stop Scratching

Many a time, insect bites will only be accompanied by intense scratching and nothing else. All you would need at this time is some relief from this annoying scratch which is peeling your skin as well.

Dab CalamineCalamine lotion is said to be very effective in stopping the itch associated with insect bites. Don’t believe me? Why not try it. All you need to do is to go and get your wife’s calamine and apply generously on your skin. Let it dry and become hard. By this time your urge to scratch will have stopped and your skin would have become soft and smooth like your wife’s!

3. Shall We Try Milk Now?

Milk? I knew that this would be your first reaction. But yes, milk is supposed to have these wonderful enzymes that can sooth your itch within seconds. Haven’t you experienced a certain relief from your taut and irritated nerves when you down a glass of milk after you have eaten spicy food? Well, thesame enzymes are the reason behind your itch from stopping as you dab some milk on the affected area and allow it to dry.

Try Milk4. Salt And Soda Solution For Your Insect Bite

Next time you find it difficult to control that itch, head straight to the kitchen and open your salt jar. Mix it with a little water and apply on the area. Allow it to remain there and let it dry. Salt being an antibacterial and anti inflammatory agent will remove all the bacteria that were devising plans to infect your skin and remove the swelling associated with insect bite.

Salt and Soda SolutionBaking soda is another effective remedy that you can try at home. Mix baking soda with water and apply on the area of itch. Wash off after 20 minutes. One of these remedies will surely relieve you from swelling and itch.

5. Here’s An Icy Solution For Treating Insect Bites

Ice has been used as the number one home remedy for treating all kinds of swelling, itching and pain. Take an ice cube and place in inside your handkerchief. Now apply it on the area for instant, cooling and refreshing relief.

Icy Solution for Treating Insect Bites6. Indulge In An Oatmeal Bath

You have heard about the many skin benefits of oatmeal bath from your wife. This is your chance to try it and stop your itch too. Take a cup of oatmeal and grind it to form a powder.

Indulge in an Oatmeal BathFill your tub with hot water that you can tolerate and add oatmeal into it. Lie inside and just experience heaven! Be awakened when you hear the door bell!

7. Toothpaste Too For Insect Bites

You thought they are only for brushing you yellow teeth! They can do many more things like stopping an itch and preventing scratching etc. Apply toothpaste on the area of insect bite and be ready to be surprised. Peppermint toothpastes are better for a stronger action.

Toothpaste too For Insect Bites8. Lavender Oil For Treating Insect Bite

Indulge in some aromatherapy as well while your stop the severe itch on your skin. Take lavender oil and add same amount of vegetable oil to make it more effective.

Lavender Oil for Treating Insect BiteLavender oil is good in removing swelling caused by insect bites and itching. They can be used when you have been bitten by mosquitoes.

9. You Can Use Deodorants For Itching And Swelling

Who would have thought of such a remedy! If you have too much of an irritation from a simple mosquito bite, do not waste your time in thinking. Just spray some deo spray right on to the area and see how the swelling and itch retracts.

Deodorants for Itching and Swelling10. Alcohol Can Do Wonders As Well

Alcohol too is said to have a calming effect on insect bites and can stop a swelling from forming. Rub alcohol on the area where you have had an insect bite. Let it dry for exerting its action.

AlcoholOne of these home remedies can effectively treat your insect bite. However, insect bites can sometimes be very serious too. If you find that the person faints or has other symptoms that point towards some poisonous insect bite, you must not wait for trying home remedies on him. Take him to the hospital immediately.Even after administering home remedies, if your insect bite does not subside, then too you must make sure that it is not something serious. A visit to the doctor is not ruled out.

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