10 Accessories In Bedroom For Hot Sex Life

Want some hot sex to rock your bedroom? If you really are in a mood to spice up your personal sexual life and want to keep all the troubles away from it, then here are 10 accessories which you must keep in your bedroom.  If getting in romantic mood and foreplay are vital parts for an electrifying sex then these hot accessories are much more important to ignite that fire and to get you in mood.

These 10 accessories for your bedroom will help in recreating a perfect and stimulating atmosphere in your bedroom. Even you want to cast the magical spell on him the moment he enters the bedroom. These 10 hot accessories will do the exhilarating move for you and will make all your sexual encounters very thrilling and electrifying. So let us check out what are these 10 accessories which will create the electrifying atmosphere and make your sex life hot.

Magic of Red

If we talk about colours the red colour is supposed to be the hottest colour amongst all the colours. The reason being Red colour provides energy and enhances the power of temptation. That is why it is suggested that you should use red colour quite often in your bedroom to create that magnetic pull between you and your spouse. You can embellish your curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers etc. in red colour. Try to wear something red so that your spouse just gets fascinated by the magic of red colour all around.

Decorate the Walls of Bedroom

Usually we get our house white washed once in a year, but that does not mean that you will get the bedroom walls painted in any colour. Try to spruce up the walls of your bedroom in light blue, pink or green colour. This will keep your walls lively all the year round, you will not get bored with the paint on the bedroom walls. You will find all the heaven in your bedroom only with these soft and beautiful colours. If you want you can get the walls coloured in Double shades too like a colour combination of light blue and light pink on the bedroom walls will look amazing. The colours you choose for the bedroom walls will maintain freshness in your sexual life.

Bedeck the Walls with Romantic Pictures and Pieces

In order to create enticing environment in the bedroom decorate the side tables with hot and sexy crystal pairs of swans or man and woman. You can buy decorative pieces or picture frames of a pair of figures wearing sexy clothes and in romantic pose. Or if your partner is fond of any sexy actress then you can put the poster of that heroine also on the wall of your bedroom.

Make the Atmosphere Aromatic

Aroma is directly connected to the olfactory lobe situated in the brain and it is very helpful in aggravating the sexual drive. So it is advisable to keep aromatic candles, room fresheners or aromatic oils in your bedroom as hot sexual accessories. You can also use nice fragrance to create a nice whiff in your body to attract your partner towards yourself. While choosing the perfume always keep in mind that the aroma of the perfume should be quite enticing for your partner also.

Take Help of Enchanting Music

Music is spell-bounding and creates an enchanting atmosphere which is required for hot sex life. In order to bring your partner in mood you can play some romantic song and they slowly start moving closer to him along with the rhythm of the music. This will really cast a spell on him and he will not be able to stop himself from embracing you in his arms. The music should be captivating, romantic and of his liking, so that he will automatically get attracted towards you. Play the music in very low volume and along with that maintain dim lights in the room to create captivating atmosphere in the bedroom. Dim lights with slow romantic music will make him go crazy for you. This will make the love quotient between both of you very deep.

Dine with Sexy food

This might sound a bit astonishing but, sexy foods are very helpful in creating sexy mood. Sexy foods like chocolates, cream, honey, jelly, sauce etc. should be consumed in order to create sexy atmosphere and to get in the mood. All these sexy foods can also be used for massaging your partner’s body and then you can experience the best sexual encounter with your spouse. Sexy foods are the best hot accessories which should be used in the bedroom by couples to have a hot sex life.

Study Romantic Books

Romantic Books are a perfect accessory to get and set the mood for hot sex. They play a vital role in enhancing and boosting the excitement to have sex. You can keep some romantic books in your bedroom and both of you can read them together. This will help you in creating the wild and sexy atmosphere in the bedroom. Both of you can follow the scene mentioned in the romantic book that you have read together for spicing up the sexual encounter.

Use Satin to Augment the Love

The silky and subtle touch of satin augments the love and eagerness to have sex between couples. If you want to add some twist in your sex life then use satin bed sheets on your bed and then see the magic it creates between the two of you. The supple touch of satin against your naked skin will get you in mood.

Dress Yourself in Hot and Sexy Attire

A hot and sexy dress makes the mood sexier, so wear a sexy dress in your bedroom like a transparent night gown, half pant and stylish inner wear. Wearing sexy lingerie will make your spouse go crazy for you and he will not be able to control his urge to have sex.

Check Some Sexy Movies

Both of you should watch together some sexy movies in the bedroom to set the mood. Snuggling near your spouse and watching a romantic and sexy movie will automatically make him irresistible and he will embrace you in his arms to make love to you. All these accessories will work wonders for your sex life, just give them a try and do tell us which one worked the best for you.