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weight loss tips for women

Weight Reduction Tips For Women

Women, more than men, are obsessed about their weight and looks. Most women believe that achieving a slim and trim frame will give them the right looks. This is true to some extent.

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Reduce Stomach Fat

12 Foods To Reduce Stomach Fat

Having too much fat on the stomach is not only uncomfortable but also poses as a serious health risk. Indivisuals with excess stomach fat are at more risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke and…

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egg rice

How To Make Egg Rice

Egg rice is a special dish that should be served to your family, friends and guests. This egg rice recipe is South Indian recipe and can be cooked easily. This egg rice is also an…

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momos recipe

Momos – Steamed Dumplings Recipe

Momo’s are steamed dumplings. They can be filled with many vegetables and meats. Some vegetables commonly used while making momo’s are; mushrooms, onions, potatoes, etc. Chicken, beef or pork mince can also be stuffed in…

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Natural Treatments For Snoring

Snoring is quite a common problem faced by many of us especially the male species. Researches show that half of the adult population suffers from the problem of snoring and the other half at least…

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Beef Kabab Recipe

How To Make Beef Kabab

Beef Kabab is a lovely non vegetarian recipe and this recipe uses tender beef adding to taste and flavor. This beef kabab is made by making tender beef in a paste form and by adding…

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Natural Cure For Gas

Gas is one of the most common and prevalent health conditions and problems that can greatly affect the lifestyle of the person and hinder with the daily routine and activities. Though it is not a…

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Lazy Eye Problem

How to Treat Lazy Eye Problem

The problem of lazy eye has been attacking almost 2-3% of the population. Amblyopic or lazy eye is problem related to vision. When two eyes do not work parallel to each other, brain is not…

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How to Cure Dry Chapped Lips through Home Remedies

Remedies For Dry And Chapped Lips

Lips are one of the most prominent features where our looks are concerned. One of the common problems that we face nowadays is of dry, flaky lips. No matter what the season, some of us…

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adrenal fatigue

Top 7 Herbal Remedies For Adrenal Fatigue

Strictly speaking, adrenal fatigue is not an officially accepted medical illness category. However, since people suffer from an uncategorized group of nonspecific symptoms, it has been loosely termed as adrenal fatigue, an advanced stage of…

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